Lars Howlett builds, walks, and photographs labyrinths as a practice in mindfulness. He is a Veriditas Faculty Member and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator having trained with the leader of the labyrinth movement, Lauren Artress, at at Grace and Chartres Cathedrals. For three years he was the apprentice to Master Builder Robert Ferre, learning the art of sacred geometry and his methods of creating exact replicas of Classical and Medieval patterns. In 2015 he launched Discover Labyrinths LLC based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now retired, Robert Ferre handed on his custom tools, labyrinth library, and teaching curriculum to Lars. In 2017 Lars was named a Master Builder by contemporaries in his field.

Now leading a new generation in building and walking labyrinths, Lars is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, sharing his experiments and experience through workshops, leading tours, and creating sacred spaces for individuals and institutions. He has been an invited speaker at schools, retreat centers, art galleries, and at Grace Cathedral, as well as at the 2011-2016 conferences of the Labyrinth Society (TLS). He is a member of the Wisdom Circle of TLS, serving as a board member from 2014-17 and continues as the coordinator for World Labyrinth Day - a global event on the first Saturday in May.

Lars designs and builds labyrinths for universities, offices, churches, hospitals, retreat centers, and private residences. Past clients include Sofia University, Bonny Doon Vineyard, the Friends of the SF Public Library, Canyon Manor Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, Sonoma Mountain Village, La Costa Glen Retirement Community and St. John Vianney Church. He specializes in the design and installation of temporary and permanent labyrinths, leading workshops and meditative walks in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

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