How to Draw Labyrinths

I created these video tutorials to further my understanding of these basic patterns. Eventually I hope to have examples of every design, but I start with the simplest and smallest examples.

#1) Draw a 7-Circuit Classical Labyrinth from the seed pattern (video at right)

#2) Draw 3 & 5 Circuit Classical Labyrinths from the seed pattern (not what you might expect!)

#4) Draw 3&5 Circuit Odd-Shaped Classical Variations (squares, hearts, stars, hexagons)


Download a PDF workbook of concentric pattern templates to trace and draw classical or medieval labyrinth designs including circles, squares, hexagons, stars, and hearts!

#3) Draw 3 & 5 Circuit Concentric Classical Labyrinths (based on circles -- easier for building)

Looking for Concentric Templates?  Click here!

#5) BONUS! Draw the simplest medieval 5-Circuit Chartres variation