healing labyrinth

Labyrinths promote peace by creating a container for a reflective experience in a focused and sacred space. Entering the labyrinth allows for the conscious and unconscious letting go of regrets from the past and anxiety of the future. The journey to the center brings attention to the present moment, letting go of distractions, hesitation, and responsibilities to others. The labyrinth provides a safe space for being at one with the self and experiencing your experience.

Returning to the same labyrinth or pattern, the path can become a spiritual home to find comfort in times of chaos or transition. One summer I gave up an apartment, placing all my belongings in a storage unit  to travel to Europe for the summer. Journeying through Europe I would feel waves of homesickness, a longing for a familiar and comfortable space to return to. By tracing my favorite labyrinth design in the sand or gravel, I was able to return to a sense of peace through walking a familiar pattern. Even drawing the design on a piece of paper and tracing the path with my finger was a way to calm my mind and body.