Lars Howlett is available as a labyrinth designer, consultant, builder, and facilitator for private and public projects. Unique in his holistic approach, Lars has studied the history, geometry, materials, spiritual practices, and resonance of labyrinths from every angle. Just as no two people, places, or purposes are the same, every labyrinth that Lars creates is uniquely suited to the client, environment, and intention.

Find Lars for assistance with:

  • Determining the best site for a labyrinth including size, shape, and orientation.
  • Choosing or creating the best design or pattern from classical to medieval to modern.
  • Identifying the most environmentally friendly and economical materials available on location.
  • Developing a plan, budget, timeline, and checklist for your labyrinth project.
  • Ideas and assistance in community outreach and fundraising.
  • Working with volunteers and creating a committee to assist with construction and maintenance.
  • Identifying ways to make the labyrinth as low-impact and permit-free as possible.
  • Leading ceremonies to dedicate the space, consecrate the labyrinth, and facilitate the first walk.
  • Building the labyrinth in an efficient and economical manner.
  • Incorporating sculptures, fountains, and landscaping in a seamless way.
  • Creating ceremonies and special events including talks, slideshows, and exhibitions.
  • Installing informative and attractive signage, writing a brochure or flyers about labyrinth walks.
  • Determining a strategy for maintenance and upkeep for the life of the labyrinth.