In the center, many people experience clearer thinking and deeper access to their emotional self. The labyrinth provides time and space for self-reflection and being present when the chaos and questions of life feel overwhelming. At a time of immense heartbreak and separation from a long-term partner, I moved to the coast and realized the building of a labyrinth would be key to my healing process. The labyrinth became a place for me to ground myself in the present, letting go of the stories I told myself about the past and future.

In daily walks, I was able to create a routine that felt balanced and centered. I saw the journey of the labyrinth as a reflection of my life with 180 degree turns that seemed to take me farther from the center. When feeling lost in a labyrinth the important thing is to trust the path and continue forward, knowing that there are no dead ends or mistakes that can be made. I was able to cultivate acceptance and forgiveness for myself and others, realizing that the journey of life is a long winding road.